What’s Next?

I’m glad you asked. We’ve got the Night Angel characters, weapons and all, plus Gone With The Wind (it’s the 75th anniversary) coming to life very soon. And on the well dressed heels of that are the Forbidden Planet outfits. Whew, that’s enough you say? Pshaw I say.

How about a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea inspired section and a mechanized version of Victorian London with our Archangel series. Head on over to our sister company www.museumreplicas.com to see a sneak peek. You had me at steampunk vigilante.


Oh, by the way I enabled the comment button for the posts. Be nice…

-RC, Senior Buyer

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Welcome to our First Post

This is our big post to tease the entire year to you.  Not only are we going to have great products from current properties, but we’re going to bring out some unique costume and prop replicas from classics like Gone With The Wind and the 1950’s sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet.  We admit it, we’re nostalgic.

Then there’s the hot new stuff coming from the literary book series Night Angel from Brent Weeks and our own steampunk line for Archangel.  Lot’s of avenging angels in our future as each of these properties feature incredibly cool assassin’s.

Of course Game of Thrones will grow a bit with the ladies being a focus.  Yep, we think that’s hot too.

Now, what from these totally amazing titles are we doing you may ask?  Well, we’re not saying, other than it will be high end costume and prop replica related around main characters.  Oh, actually that gives a lot away.

-RC, Senior Buyer

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