Enough waiting?

As many of you know Batman V Superman comes out in just one week! While many are understandably excited, I’ve noticed there are more than a few people ready to just move on. When something¬†gets the green light to be made it seems like within 2 weeks someone has leaked the news and everyone is abuzz about it. The problem is that the movie or product isn’t going to be anywhere near available for 2+ years. While I do believe that patience is a virtue and some anticipation can sweeten the experience, at what point are you just being mercilessly teased? I do not do well waiting. I spend all year not thinking about Christmas or my birthday because the desire will make the wait less bearable. But with media these days how can you avoid the constant commercial advertising being crammed down your throat? I’m not hating on this movie, I still want to see it. But a little less teasing would be nice.


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