You Want It

I know you do and for that here’s a tease-


Starting Thanksgiving Day and lasting through Cyber Monday everything on our site will be 30% off. Everything. Sale items, in stock, out of stock, you name it, this is across the board.

I got approval from the powers that be to get the deals (I like you that much), so I better see your name on our order list. I’m checking it twice.

-RC, Senior Buyer

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More For You

While I’m sure you’re all knocking yourselves out shopping for cool things, what would you like to see us carry more of? I’d like to keep you around longer. Or there’s always this-


Swing away:

1) Star Trek

2) Star Wars

3) Marvel

4) DC

5) Firefly/Buffy/Whedon Stuff

6) Doctor Who

7) Other- what other?

Your help is appreciated and it’s not often you get a real chance to help form a product line!


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Franchise Most Looking Forward To?

With the big studios taking over the world, what are you most looking forward to?

1) Star Wars galaxy expanding

2) Marvel universe growing

3) Disney/Pixar animation adding to its illustrious resume

4) DC world taking over

5) Almost anything else from non-uber franchises


We’re on the fence whether your vote counts for anything, but don’t let that stop you from chiming in. Frankly we’re not sure if we’re getting burned out or not yet with the super franchise barrage- OK not really, we’re still geeking out about a lot of this, but we wouldn’t mind seeing something original every now and then either. Creative, independent studios, you hear us?


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New Stuff

Hey wake up over there!


Check back often, I mean it. At least with our line of products it will look like you put lots of thought into your awesome gift this holiday. The fact we did the searching and found the perfect gift for you is our little secret.

We’re receiving new merch every week and we expect you to keep up. A dozen new items this week alone with plenty more to come through the month.

And get a little something for yourself.


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The Force Awakens

How cool is that? As much as we loved saying Episode VII and who didn’t? OK, me for one, it now has an official and very cool title.


I guess since the Force is a living energy source it can snooze every now and then. It took JJ Abrams and one of our favorite ensemble casts to shake it awake. Can’t wait to see what the Force looks like with bedhead. I for one think it will look great.


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