Dragon Con

It seems everyone descends on Atlanta this weekend for a rollicking good time. From Atlanta Motor Speedway to NCAA football and of course our favorite, drum roll……… Dragon Con! Seriously, if you get the chance to experience the Con you won’t be disappointed. Friday through Monday there’s non-stop festivities. Hope you slept before you came. Sadly no booth for us this year, but we’ll be wandering incognito and enjoying the festivities. If you see an incredibly strapping lad with bulging muscles and Brad Pitt looks, that should be me…or not.

And give one of our newest friends a shout, steampunk & horror author Cherie Priest. She’s a special guest at the event all weekend. We fell in love with Boneshaker and the Clockwork Century series and if you get there this weekend the latest horror novel around the infamous life of Lizzy Borden is set to debut. Super sweet lady and twisted, our kind of gal.

bone_medium maple_medium

-RC, Senior Buyer

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Visit Us

Yes, the site is pretty cool. Still we know many of you want to still touch and drool over stuff in person. Gross, but OK. A reminder that we do have a showroom just outside Atlanta, in Conyers to be exact, about 20 minutes due east on Interstate 20. Easy peasy to get to. Most of what you see here is in stock so it’s fun to come look at the stuff and check out our sister companies offerings too.


Museum Replicas

You’ll find Atlanta Cutlery knives and Museum Replicas historical lines there. Frankly if I had a store this cool while growing up I’d have lived there. The therapy would be expensive, but fun none-the-less…and if you don’t come by, I shall taunt you a second time-ah.


-RC, Senior Buyer

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Exciting from our side and we hope you’ll enjoy it as well. We’ll be creating a kids section very soon for girls and boys, some items on the site now if you look for them. The focus will be 7-12 years or there abouts and of course the young at heart. Think Frozen, My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, Star Wars Rebels, Spiderman, Ironman and so many others. Did I hear a Smurfs mention out there? Yep, I’m excited too.

Products will include night lights, blankets, games, toys and well, you get the idea. Fun for the whole family!


Hey, come back here with our stuff!

-RC, Senior Buyer

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We’ll Miss You Robin

The sad news has found its way around the country. The incomparable Robin Williams is gone.


From the Genie to Birdcage, Good Morning Vietnam and Mrs. Doubtfire to Dead Poet’s Society and Good Will Hunting, everyone had their favorite from this gifted actor and comedian. For many we couldn’t choose and loved them all.

Touching many lives, including ours beyond film, he will be greatly missed. Nanu, Nanu.

To quote from the many- “Thank you for the endless laughs, we wish we could have given you more.”

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SDCC- part 2


And just a few extra for now of some of our favorites:


Brent was classy and although I hate to admit it, probably better looking too. And who doesn’t love Data?


From top left clockwise- David Decio, me, Stephen Costantino and his better half Chasin whose energy kept us all going and in line. You’ve got to watch those Gamorrean Guards, they’re cagey.


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SDCC Pics- part 1


Things don’t always go smooth and it gets pretty crazy with all the bodies squished in at times, but now we think we know why things seemed militant from the staff there.  Here’s their boss…


President Business was all that, but here are the real heroes of the show…


Travis hanging with the Guardians and almost worthy.  Rocket took him out later.


That’s me, no not the big green guy, the real Rebel acting well, rebellious.
-RC, Senior Buyer

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